Mark Five

I came back.
He had called me —
Not my name, for sure
But no one knew that anymore.

Everything in me said
Fall at His feet
And I wanted to do it
He deserved exotic dancers
Should have used perfume
To wash His feet —
This man
Whose garment held power enough to heal
Twelve years’ worth
Of painful

I fell at His feet alright
Tripping too far away
Launching myself through the air
To land awkwardly
Face nearly kissing
The dirt all over His feet.

Way to go, woman, I said to myself
Now everyone was staring at me
I had made them all unclean
–Were those stones in their hands?–
But there was nothing else to do
I spilled my story
In broken words
All the deepest pain of my heart
Stripped naked before
This crowd who had condemned me.

He waited in silence
Till my words dried up
Like the flow of blood
And I lay in the dust
Vulnerable before Him.

He reached down His hand that I had not dared touch
Pulled me to my feet
Looked into my eyes
And spoke me a new name
A new life.
Your faith has made you well
Go in peace
And be healed of your disease.

One thought on “Mark Five

  1. thebiblestop says:

    I loved that poem. I felt that poem.

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