Remember the day, Love
when You molded man of earth
bent down and breathed Your life into him?

Remember the love that spun out
Flung flagrantly through creation
Wefted into the singing universe’s fabric?

And yet history tears and twists
Under the cutting weight of the damning record:
Rebellious subjects, a whoring bride.

We fled from You to the muddiest pits
Forming images of ourselves to proclaim our glory
Defiling Your image and defying Your authority.

We clung to these idols, gave them our breath
Offered our lives to make them grow strong
Glutted them with our children’s souls.

After such sin, what forgiveness?
Think now — oh my God.
What hope of homecoming, of reconciliation?

And yet You bring all stories full circle
Bending low to become a second Adam
God incarnate, Logos in flesh.

Dying to ransom our forsworn souls
From the crushing maw of death
Overturning the enemy’s schemes with divine irony.

Resurrecting as guarantee of our future
Rest on the seventh day, Light on the first
Breathing new life into our stone hearts.

Finally comes the call, a reiteration
Giving the mission to Your restored image-bearers
To carry Your glory into all creation.

For this, Triune God, I’ll forever worship:
That You still look on all you have made
And joyfully claim that it is Yours and is good.


You’ve been through the same battles
You’ve lost the same fights
And I know that the memories haunt you.
I don’t hold you responsible, but —
I wish you would talk to me.
Tell me what you feel.
Tell me it can be okay.

She looked at me, this girl
Who should have still been a child
But her eyes were far too old.
I just wish my sister would talk to me.
Those words convicted, cut to my heart
Carried across continents.

I spent that summer asking:
How can I be a good sister?
Not guessing a camper might hand me an answer.
The things your younger sisters will need to hear
Are sometimes the dark things
The memories you don’t want to speak of
But they need to know:
Life has dark parts.
Pain is real.
In it all, God is good.
And you can still live.

Jesus and some women

I want to hang on the hem of Your covenant

I want to gather the crumbs from Your table

So I’ll slip through the crowd

And let my fingers brush Your robe

I’ll come quiet to the dinner

And let my tears wash Your feet


But in the midst of this crowded confusion

At this dinner where I do not belong

You make the world stop as Your eyes rest on me

And call me out

All that I am lies broken and exposed

And You restore my soul.


[college, junior year]

Is Water Strange to Fish?


No matter how many times the sun has set from one window

It feels like it is never enough

Always gone too fast.


When I come to the final days

Everything before seems so thin and fleeting

And I simply want to hold on to

Everything that grew familiar.


Lyrics dance through my mind:

Farewell to the mountains, whose mazes to me…

It’s time for leaving now…

I will try, but I don’t know how to let go…


How to reconcile?

I’m excited too

Anticipating new places, new people

New possibilities.


It’s always hard, but I’ve been learning

Some goodbyes are forever, but some people

Do come back

Life takes unexpected twists.


And when those times outweigh the sorrow

Short reunions in a broken world

I wonder about the joy to come

How ravishing it will be.







No substance behind your laughter
No light behind your eyes
I can’t quite reach to touch you.

So, didi, I tease
Trying to make you remember
What the future still could be.

Your heart got frozen, then shattered
And it hurts less to stay numb
But I pray that you heal instead.

God is good, I said
And he agreed
And I was just so glad
That this year instead of cancer
He’s filled with dreams.

So although sometimes I want to say
I wish the world was a better place
And that’s all I can think of,
Some days
These are the words I start and end on:
God is good.